Choosing a Player Infornmation Spread Betting with a Bookmaker

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If a punter thinks the player will finish in a better position than the bookmaker has predicted and bets five pounds or dollars a place, if the golfer finishes ten spots higher than the ‘spread’ the punter earns fifty dollars or pounds. Great if you win but it can be costly if your golfer has a bad tournament, or worse, chucks the towel in.

It is essential when spread betting on a pro to finish higher than the bookmakers prediction to back a pro that never gives up and tries on every shot. Even if the bet loses, the harder a player scraps for every position, the less money it will cost a punter. Information on a players character when spread betting on golf is important and any magazine article that give an insight into their on course ethos is important.

How hard a player tries is sometimes revealed by how many cuts they miss when not in contention, a fact that can be found in the players score card history, or by reading the players biography, which can be found on the European Tour or PGA Tour Web sites.